Office staff will help you understand the requirements for obtaining your NYS license and schedule your road test through DMV for you. Using our vehicle, students will take a 60 minute lesson just prior to their test. Immediately following the lesson, students will drive directly to the road test site to take their test. Please note you will need information off of your MV-285 or MV-278.

Our Road Test Service is scheduling out an average of 8-10 weeks. Due to DMV Scheduling and a high volume of road test requests, please be aware that customers currently taking driving lessons with us will be scheduled first. If you are not currently taking lessons with us, scheduling times may be greater than 8-10 weeks. We will contact you back as soon as the road test is scheduled. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call our office at 518-371-8949.

Please note that if you do not have a driving lesson package in place with us that covers the cost of the road test service, you will be required to pay for the road test within 48 hours of being notified of the date and time. Unless payment arrangements are made within those 48 hours, the road test will be cancelled for non-payment.

Road Test F.A.Q.’s

The cost of our road test service which includes an one-hour lesson and use of our vehicle is $160.

*Travel Time maybe charged for home pickup outside our pickup locations. Please contact our office for more information.

Yes, the service that we offer includes:

  • We schedule the test through NYS DMV
  • On the day of the test we give you an one hour lesson on our vehicle
  • You will use our car for the road test
  • The charge for this service is $150.00

Road tests generally schedule about 10-12 weeks in advance.

You will need to have your five hour certificate (MV-278) or Certificate of Completion from Driver Education (MV-285) in hand.

We also offer Road Test Scheduling Assistance for drivers who want to use their own car for the road test or for people who are out of the area.

If you are under the age of 18:

  • Your Five Hour Course Certificate (MV-278 original only) or MV-285 (Certificate of Completion from Driver Education- original only). Be sure to detach the bottom quarter of the MV-285 and retain for your insurance company.
  • Your picture Permit (not temporary one)
  • Your MV-262 -50 hours of certified driving

If you are over the age of 18:

  • Your Five Hour Course Certificate (MV-278 original only)
  • Your picture permit (not temporary one)

That depends upon where you live. We suggest taking the road test at the closest location to you. The main sites that we take our students to are:

  • Troy, NY
  • Ballston Spa, NY

Although we do not guarantee that our students will pass the NYS road test, we do our best to prepare you for first time success. In fact, over 90% of our students pass the test the first time.

Yes. In fact you are eligible to take the test several times if needed. Re-tests cannot be taken the same day.

When you received your Class D, DJ, E, M or MJ permit, the fee that you paid included 2 road tests. If you were unsuccessful in passing the road test in 2 attempts, you will need to pay an additional $10 to Department of Motor Vehicles for 2 more attempts before you can schedule a road test.

Also due to the fact that our Road Test fee is based on a flat fee you will be required to pay Bell’s Driving School the fee each time you take the test.

Driving Packages

All Bell’s Instructors are certified by the NYS DMV.

Silver Package

6 lessons (60 minutes each)



Gold Package

10 lessons (60 minutes each)




Bronze Package

3 lessons (60 minutes each)